Astroparticle: the next frontier of fundamental physics
November 16 (Mon), 2020 ~ November 19 (Thu), 2020
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    Online and on-site workshop hosted at the APCTP 
    Room 503, Hogil Kim Memorial Hall

    November 16 (Monday), 2020 ~ November 19 (Thursday), 2020

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    Note: Please fill out your name in the form of 'Full name (Affiliation)' when accessing the ZOOM conference room. *e.g. Gildong Hong(APCTP)

    This workshop aims to bring together experts in the fields of astronomy and particle physics, to explore recent advances in both disciplines and discuss how interdisciplinary research can advance both the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. Particle physics is at an important juncture, with the nature of dark matter and other extensions to the standard model unclear. To progress, the community must incorporate alternative sources of data. The nature of dark matter, neutrino physics and high energy phenomena such as inflation are all topics that can be elucidated by combining numerical, observational and theoretical expertise in astronomy and particle physics. 

    The workshop comprises a four day program involving predominately local experts within Korea, ranging from observational astronomy to theoretical particle physics. The talks will involve a mixture of senior and junior scientists, with strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

    • Dark matter searches 
    • Neutrino physics
    • Gravitational waves
    • Multi-messenger astronomy

    Stephen Appleby (APCTP)
    Eoin O Colgain (APCTP)  
    Jinn Ouk Gong (KASI) 
    Sang Pyo Kim (Kunsan Ntl.)
    Hiroshi Okada (APCTP)

    Invited Speakers
    M. James Jee (Yonsei)
    Nicole Bell (Melbourne)
    Carsten Rott (Sungkyunkwan)
    Raymond Volkas (Melbourne)
    Maurice Van Putten (Sejong U.)
    Yeongduk Kim (CUP, IBS)
    Kiwoon Choi (CTPU, IBS)
    Xiao-Gang He (National Taiwan U.)
    Hyung Mok Lee (KASI)
    Seong Chan Park (Yonsei)
    Sangmin Lee (SNU)
    Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
    Kanghoon Lee (APCTP)
    Graziano Rossi (Sejong U.)
    Chunglee Kim (Ewha W. U.)
    Ryan Keeley (KASI)
    Sungwook E Hong (KASI)
    Tao Yang (APCTP)
    David Parkinson (KASI)
    Takahiro Terada (CTPU, IBS)
    Sunghoon Jung (SNU)
    Seodong Shin (Jeonbuk Ntl.)

    Stephen Appleby - stephen.appleby(at)