Dark Matter as a Portal to New Physics
February 01 (Mon), 2021 ~ February 05 (Fri), 2021
■ Talk/Lecture file
    Talk/Lecture file

    Monday, 01 February 2021

    Pedro Machado  "Ultralight dark matter and neutrino oscillation phenomenology"

    Keisuke Harigaya  "Axion Kinetic Misalignment and Baryogenesis" 2021DMPN_Keisuke_Harigaya.pdf

    Po-Yen Tseng "Cosmic-Ray-Boosted Dark Matter"

    Yue Zhao "Astrophysical probes to new physics beyond the Standard Model - EHT and GW experiments" EHT-LIGO-YZ.pdf

    Fuminobu Takahashi "KiloByte Cosmic Birefringence and ALP domain walls" Takahashi_2021_0201.pdf

    Bibhushan Shakya "Aspects of Hidden Sector WIMP Dark Matter"

    Tuesday, 02 February 2021

    Sang Hui Im "Axions with hierarchical couplings" hierarchical_axions_SangHui_Im.pdf

    Benjamin Safdi "Detecting axions with neutron stars" safdi_APCTP_2021.pdf

    Stephen Lonsdale "Axion DM, neutrino mass, baryogenesis from a rotating complex scalar"

    Jongkuk Kim "Neutrino oscillations in dark matter" APCTP_JKK.pdf

    Kazunori Nakayama "Production of Hidden Photon Dark Matter: Recent Developments" nakayama.pdf

    Jessica Turner "The complementarity between neutrino and gravitational wave data in exploring physics of the Standard Model and beyond" Jessica_DMPortalNewPhysics_2021.pdf

    Wednesday, 03 February 2021

    Doojin Kim "Axion-like particle searches at beam-dumps: from decay to conversion" Presentation_APCTP2021_DoojinKim.pdf

    Joseph Bramante "Dark matter at the high mass frontier" HighMassDM_Joseph_Bramante.pdf

    Junichiro Kawamura "Fermion portal dark matter and muon anomalies" JKawamura_APCTP_DMPNP.pdf

    Ke-Pan Xie "Fermi-ball dark matter from a first-order phase transition" Kepan_APCTP_online.pdf

    Jia Liu "The quest of dark sectors for the Sun" JL-APCTP-Feb03-2021-Dark-sector-signatures-from-the-Sun-v1.pdf

    Valentina De Romeri "New physics probes with neutrino and dark matter experiments" De_Romeri.pdf

    Thursday, 04 February 2021

    Vedran Brdar "Light dark matter: interplay of colliders and cosmology" Vedran.pdf

    Kevin Kelly "Searches for Dark Sectors in Neutrino Experiments" Kevin_APCTP.pdf

    Mehedi Masud "Glimpses of new physics through neutrinos" Masud_slides.pdf

    Dong Woo Kang "Exploring properties of long-lived particles at colliders" DongWooKang.pdf

    Xiao-Ping Wang "Long-lived particle Searches at LHC" DMPortal2021-XPWang.pdf

    David Cerdeno "Direct Detection window to (light) New Physics" David.pdf

    Friday, 05 February 2021

    Liang Dai "Probing dark matter minihalos with extremely magnified extragalactic stars" dai_minihalo_lensing_APCTP.pdf

    Javier Acevedo "Nuclear fusion inside dark matter" Javier_APCTP2021.pdf

    Amit Bhoonah "Gravitational wave signatures of superheavy dark matter" Amit_APCTPWorkshop.pdf

    Heejung Kim "Density profiles of dark matter halos as a probe for dark matter self-heating"

    Han Gil Choi "Diffuse subhalos with chirping gravitational waves"

    TaeHun Kim "Constraining the gravitational coupling of axion dark matter at LIGO"

    Yongsoo Jho "Search for new light vector boson using J/psi at BESIII and Belle II" APCTP_ysj.pdf

    Zhong-Zhi Xianyu "Recent progress in cosmological collider physics" ZZXianyu_APCTP.pdf

    Chang Sub Shin "Exploring the Universe with Dark Light Scalars" APCTP0205_CSS.pdf