Impurity induced states and quasiparticle interference in
unconventional superconductors and strong spin-orbit coupled systems
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    18-23 October  2015

      This workshop will cover a number of important open problems in the field of unconventional superconductivity and will bring together some of the leading experimental and theoretical experts in this field to directly address some of the most pressing controversies.  The scope of this workshop will be impurity problem via scanning tunneling microscopy technique. A section of workshop is going to focus on the exotic quasiparticle interference method as recent hot subjects in condensed matter physics: unconventional superconductors, topological insulators and topological superconductors, heavy fermion systems, etc. The recent intensive investigation from a new viewpoint developed in this research field would be a unique opportunity to communications and collaborations among participants.

      High temperature superconductivity; Strongly correlated materials and topological insulators; Novel quantum phenomena; Scanning tunneling microscopy and quasiparticle interference.

    Confirmed Invited Speakers (to be updated)
    Milan P Allan (Leiden Institute of Physics, Netherlands)
    Pegor Aynajian (Binghamton University, USA)
    Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos National Lab, USA)
    Jin-Mo Bok (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
    Tetsuo Hanaguri (RIKEN, Japan)
    Yukio Hasegawa (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Christian Hess (IFW, Germany)
    Peter Hirschfeld (University of Florida, USA)
    Jennifer E. Hoffman (Harvard University, USA)
    Jinfeng Jia (Shanghai Jiaotung Univ., China)
    Jhinhwan Lee (KAIST, Korea)
    Freek Massee (Université Paris-Sud, France)
    Dirk Morr (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Abhay Pasupathy (Columbia University, USA)
    Andreas Rost (MPI-FKF & University of Stuttgart, Germany)
    Ji Hoon Shim (POSTECH, Korea)
    Peter Thalmeier (MPI-CPfS, Germany)
    Erik van Heuman (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Ilya Vekhter (Louisiana State University, USA)
    Peter Wahl (University of St Andrews, UK)
    Hai-Hu Wen (Nanjing University, China)
    Steffen Wirth (MPI-CPfS, Germany)

    Alireza Akbari, APCTP, Pohang, Korea
    Ilya Eremin, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany
    Han Woong Yeom, Institute for Basic Science, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea
    Emails: ISQUS15(at);  sec(at)

    Address: Hogil Kim Memorial Bldg. #501, POSTECH
                  77 Cheongam-Ro, Nam-gu, Pohang
                  Gyeongbuk 790-784, Korea


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