5th East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, Astrophysical Plasmas
August 17 (Mon), 2015 ~ August 22 (Sat), 2015
■ Talk/Lecture file



    Morning Session: Lectures on Reconnection

    [Masaaki Yamada] Laboratory Study of Magnetic Reconnection; Recent Discoveries on How It Works and Energizes Plasma Particles

    [Kanya Kusano] Magnetic Reconnection in Solar and Space Plasmas


    Afternoon Session Ⅰ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Reconnection

    [Hyeon K. Park] Reconnection time scale and evolution of the core current density in sawtooth oscillation in tokamak plasmas

    [Jongsoo Yoo] Particle Energization during Magnetic Reconnection in a Laboratory Plasma

    [Yasuhiro Kuramitsu] Magnetic Reconnection Experiments with Intense Lasers


    Afternoon Session Ⅱ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Reconnection

    [Don Melrose] Magnetic Reconnection and Energy Release in Magnetic Explosions

    [Keizo Fujimoto] Waves and their Roles in 3D Collisionless Reconnection




    Morning Session: Lectures on Turbulence

    [Taik Soo Hahm] Introduction to Tokamak Plasma Turbulence

    [Jungyeon Cho] Alfvenic Turbulence in Strongly Magnetized Media

    [Choong-Seock Chang] A Short Lecture on Gyrokinetic Simulation


    Afternoon Session Ⅰ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Turbulence

    [Yang Ren] Experimental Studies of Electron-gyro Scale Turbulence in National Spherical Torus Experiment

    [Woochang Lee] Experimental Studies of Ion-scale Fluctuations via Microwave Imaging Reflectometry in KSTAR

    [Gunsu Yun] Systematic Formulation of Plasma Waves Below Electron Cyclotron Frequency

    Afternoon Session Ⅱ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Turbulence/MHD Code

    [Youngwoo Cho] In-Out Asymmetry of Zonal Flow Shear and Turbulence Suppression

    [Gyung Jin Choi] ExB Shear Effect on Initially Tilted Turbulence Eddies

    [Dongsu Ryu] Turbulence in Astrophysical Plasmas

    [Hanbyul Jang] Toward the Development of a New MHD Code for Fusion Plasma





    Morning Session: Lectures on Dynamo/Momentum Transfer

    [Akira Kageyama] An Introduction to MHD Dynamo

    [Hantao Ji] Laboratory Studies of Angular Momentum Transport in Accretion Disks


    Afternoon Session Ⅰ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Dynamo

    [Ryoji Matsumoto] Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Disk Dynamos

    [Hideyuki Hotta] Current Understanding and Future Path of Solar Dynamo

    [Kenichiro Terasaka] Structure Formation of Plasma Flow in the Helicity Control Laboratory Experiment


    Afternoon Session Ⅱ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Momentum Transfer

    [Katsumi Ida] Flow Damping due to Stochastization of the Magnetic Field

    [Masanori Nakamura] Fundamental Roles of Magnetohydrodynamics in AGN Jets: Formation, Acceleration/Collimation, and Termination

    [Zhaoming Gan] Simulation on Head-Tail Sources using Magnetic Tower Model





    Morning Session: Lectures on Wave-Particle Interactions/Shock Waves and Particle Acceleration

    [C.Z.(Frank) Cheng] Alfven Waves and Instabilities and Their Interaction with Fast Ions in Fusion Plasmas

    [Masahiro Hoshino] Particle Acceleration in the Plasma Universe


    Afternoon Session Ⅰ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Plasma Physics Geomagnetosphere

    [Dong-Hun Lee] Generation and Propagation of EMIC Waves in the Magnetosphere

    [Yoshiharu Omura] Generation Mechanism of Whistler-mode Chorus Emission

    [Yoshizumi Miyoshi] Cross-Field Transport of Trapped Radiation in Geospace

    [Kenichi Nagaoka] Experimental Measurement of Phase Space Structure of Fast Ions Interacting with Alfven Eigenmodes

    Afternoon Session Ⅱ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Geomagnetosphere/Particle Acceleration

    [Eunhwa Kim] Full-Wave Modeling of EMIC Waves in the Earth's Magnetosphere

    [Jiwon Choi] Evolution of the Poloidal Alfven Waves in 3D dipole Geometry

    [T. W. Jones] Acceleration of Particles in Turbulent Plasma

    [Hui Li] Dynamic of Current Sheets and Their Associate Particle Energization




    Morning Session: Lectures on MHD Code/PIC Code

    [Ben Dudson] Tokamak Edge Turbulence with Netural Gas Simulations

    [Ritoku Horiuchi] Basis of Particle-In-Cell(PIC) Simulation and its Applications


    Afternoon Session Ⅰ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Shocks waves

    [Hyesung Kang] Particle Acceleration at Collisionless Shocks

    [Shuichi Matsukiyo] PIC Simulation of High Beta and Low Mach Number Astrophysical Shocks: Microstructures and Electron Acceleration

    [Takanobu Amano] Superluminal Electromagnetic Waves in Highly Magnetized Relativistic Shocks


    Afternoon Session Ⅱ: Invited and Contributed Talks on Laser Plasma

    [Chul Min Kim] Accelerating Charges Particles by Ultraintense Laser Pulses

    [Ki Hong Pae] Narrowband High Energy Proton Generation by Laser Radiation Pressure Acceleration

    [Sunggeun Lee] Spectral Shift of Back Scattered Laser Pulses during the Laser-Driven Proton Acceleration

    [Myung Hoon Jo] Laser Wake Field Accelerator using Nano-particles

    [Calin Ioan Hojbota] Optical Diagnostic of Petawatt-Driven Laser Wakefield Acceleration

    [Jong-Won Lee] Time-resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Warm Dense Matter