25th APCTP Winter School on Fundamental Physics
January 06 (Wed), 2021 ~ January 13 (Wed), 2021
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    APCTP Pohang headquater (Online via ZOOM and Youtube streaming)
    January 06 (Wed), 2021 ~ January 13 (Wed), 2021
    This school is intended to provide graduate students from member countries with an opportunity to learn some of basic subjects in fundamental physics.
    The main topics intended are, quantum field theories, string theories, general relativity, particle physics and cosmology. The lectures will be pedagogical with an emphasis on basic concepts and technical details which will help students understand current research papers and start their own independent research.

    This year, the main topics are (1) String scattering amplitudes, and (2) Black holes.

    If you wish to participate, please sign up at the registration page. Participants will receive a ZOOM and Youtube links before meeting.
    Chanju Kim (Ewha Womans U.)
    Nakwoo Kim (Kyung Hee U.)
    Jaemo Park (Postech)
    Dong-han Yeom (Pusan National U.)
    Junggi Yoon (KIAS)
    Invited Speakers
    Raghu Mahajan (Stanford U.)
    Dong-han Yeom (Pusan National U.)
    Axel Kleinschmidt (MPI, AEI Potsdam)

    yeyoung.kim _at_ apctp.org (Ms. Yeyoung Kim)