The 14th Discussion Meeting on Polymer Physics Theory
November 29 (Fri), 2019 ~ November 30 (Sat), 2019

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    APCTP Headquarters, Pohang (무은재개념관 303호)


    November 29 (Fri), 2019 ~ November 30 (Sat), 2019

    Overview & Topics

    This group meeting covers general theory of polymers and other soft matters, including block copolymers, polyelectrolytes, biopolymers and other soft matter complex.

    Various theoretical methods and techniques are introduced in the meeting as a form of lecture, tutorial and/or research seminar. We encourage researchers in the meeting to find applications of the theory and to build collaboration network with theorists and/or experimentalists.

    The 14th meeting will be held in APCTP on November 29 and 30.


    Jaeup Kim (UNIST):
    YongSeok Jho (Gyeongsang National Uiversity): 

    Invited Speakers

    Jae-Hyung Jeon(전재형 (POSTECH)
    Changbong Hyeon(현창봉) (KIAS)
    Won Kyu Kim(김원규) (KIAS)
    Narina Jung(정나리나) (UNIST)


    Jaeup Kim (UNIST):