2021 Snail Lecture 1 - Axions
May 01 (Sat) 1pm-, 2021

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    "Axions". From basic, to axion cosmology and recent progresses in direct detections.

    Refs: In addition to standard materials, (the lecture note is available in the note page)

    Target audiences are particle physics grad students, but others are welcome too.

       Dr. Sang Hui Im 임상희 (IBS)

    2021, May 01 (Sat), 1pm - 5pm
    (We always try to allocate enough time for discussion and Q&A. Feel free to join and enjoy!)

    *Lectures will be in Korean, following our tradition.

    Sunghoon Jung (SNU), Hyun Min Lee (CAU), Seong Chan Park (Yonsei), Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk)
    Sunghoon Jung  sunghoonj@snu.ac.kr

    About Snail Lecture
      Snail Lecture has started as a prestigious lecture series for particle physics graduate students in CAU, Yonsei, and Konkuk in 2015 under the support of APCTP, with SNU joined in 2017. It is now open to any students, researchers, and professors, who have interests and passion!