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TITLE Atto-Science "Catching Electrons"
TYPE Science Communication Forum/Lecture
DATE/TIME 2011-07-13 (5pm)
PLACE LG Cooperative Electronics Engineering, POSTECH
SPEAKER Paul Corkum
AFFILIATION University of Ottawa

Last year is the 50th anniversary of the laser and we are experiencing a revolution in one of the most important aspects of laser technology.  During the past decade the minimum pulse duration of optical pulses that can be generated has fallen by a factor of 40 -- from 5 femtoseconds (5x10-15 sec) to 80 attoseconds and it will continue to fall.  An attoseconds or 1/1000,000,000,000,000,000 of a second is an incredibly brief time.  This very brief flash is made by using laser light to control an atoms electrons and it is possible to “photograph” a molecule’s electrons and the position of its atoms with the flash. We are on the verge of making movies of bonds breaking and atoms rearranging during a chemical reaction – the very essence of Chemistry.

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