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* TITLE The New Paradigm for Financial Structuring
Name Affiliation E-mail
Prof. Byoungki Seo UNIST bkseo(at)unist.ac.kr
* HOST(Applicant)
Name Affiliation E-mail
yongseok jho APCTP yongseokjho(at)gmail.com
* DATE / TIME 2012-10-29, 4:00PM
* PLACE 503 Conference room, APCTP Headquarters, Pohang
Since 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the counter party credit risk
became more important in the financial market. Banks generally make
profit by selling their credits and the different credit rating between
banks causes a lot of unclear risks. We use collateral things to remove
these unclear risks and a collateral had been used as a sub instrument
to strengthen credits. However this sub instrument is still composed by
some valuable instruments and they start to recognize that it may be
used as a profitable instrument. We investigate how they make more
profit with this sub instrument and try to find methods to avoid these
kinds of unfair arbitrage.

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