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* TITLE Gravity in brane scenarios and the challenge of the large-scale structure
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Dominika Konikowska Bielefeld University
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Ki-Young Choi APCTP
* DATE / TIME 2012-11-13, 4:00 pm, 512 seminar room
We study a theory of dilaton gravity in a 5D brane scenario, with dilaton
non-minimally coupled to the matter content of the universe localized on
the brane. The effective gravitational equations at the brane are derived
in the Einstein frame in the covariant approach. We investigate whether
the observed large-scale structure of the universe can exist on the brane
in the effective 4D dilaton gravity scenario with an exact anti de Sitter
bulk. The corresponding constraint on the spatial derivative of the matter
energy density is derived, and subsequently quantified using the current
limits resulting from searches for variation of the Newton\\\'s constant. By
confronting it with the observational data from galaxy surveys, we show
that the derived bound does not allow for the existence of the large-scale
structure as is observed today. Thus, such a string theories motivated
dilaton gravity brane scenario is ruled out.
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