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* TITLE Non-canonical scalars and their role in cosmology
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Sanil Unnikrishnan Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER),
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Ki-Young Choi APCTP
* DATE / TIME 2012-11-13, 2:30 pm, 512 Seminar room
Non-canonical scalar fields are a class of scalar field models whose Lagrangian is a general function of the kinetic term and the field. It is well known that non-canonical scalars can drive accelerated expansion of the universe. In the context of inflation these class models are also known as K-inflation models whereas they are referred as K-essence when modeled as dark energy to drive late time accelerated expansion of the universe. In this talk I will discuss the cosmological consequences of non-canonical scalar fields: (1) when they are used to drive inflation and (2) when they are modeled as dark energy. The main aim of this talk is to compare these classes of models from the usual canonical scalar fields and to discuss the possible ways by which one can observationally distinguish non-canonical scalars from the canonical scalar field, both in the context of inflation and dark energy.
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