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* TITLE Neutrino Assisted Gauge Mediation
Name Affiliation E-mail
Doh Young Mo SNU
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Name Affiliation E-mail
Ki-Young Choi APCTP
* DATE / TIME 2012-12-17, 11 am
Recent observation shows that the Higgs mass is at around 125 GeV while the prediction of
the minimal supersymmetric standard model is below 120 GeV for stop mass lighter than 2 TeV
unless the top squark has a maximal mixing. We consider the right-handed neutrino supermultiplets
as messengers in addition to the usual gauge mediation to obtain sizeable top tri-linear soft
parameters needed for the maximal stop mixing. Neutrino messengers can explain the
observed Higgs mass for stop mass around 1 TeV. Neutrino assistance can also generate charged
lepton flavor violation including μ to eγ as a possible signature of the neutrino
messengers. We consider S4 discrete flavor model and show the relation of the charged
lepton flavor violation, θ13 of neutrino oscillation and muon g-2.
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