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* TITLE An introduction to Matrix Models and AGT conjecture.
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Jean-Emile Bourgine APCTP
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Ki Young Choi APCTP
* DATE / TIME 2013-03-20, 11am, 503 conference room
Matrix models combine powerful computation techniques with a wide range
of applications in physics and in mathematics. This introductory talk
provides a short overview of the field, and present the main methods
employed to solve the models. In a second part, the duality uncovered by
Alday, Gaiotto and Tachikawa in 2009 is briefly reviewed. This
unexpected connection between N=2 4d SUSY gauge theories and 2d
conformal field theories is driving rapid progress in our understanding
of non-perturbative QFTs. Finally, I will explain how (generalized)
matrix models naturally fit into this framework and how they may be
employed to derive concrete results.
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