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* TITLE One-dimensional spin-orbital model, scaling and slave-boson approach to the Anderson-Holstein model: a research summary
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Hyun Cheol Lee Sogang University
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* DATE / TIME 2004-09-24, 4:50 - 5:50 p.m.
* PLACE APCTP Seoul Branch Office (과총회관 신관 11층 3호)
Two topics are discussed in this talk.
1. Interplay of spin and orbital degrees of freedom in one-dimensional system.
For certain one-dimensional electronic systems the orbital degrees of freedom plays a very important role, leading an exotic ground states. We have studied the nature of such ground states using the perturbative renormalization group and strong coupling expansion.
2. Interplay of strong electron correlation and electron-phonon interaction in Anderson-Holstein impurity model. For many materials of current interest, both strong electron correlation and electron-phonon interactions are crucial in understanding the physical properties of them. However, their interplay has not been studied in detail mainly due to technical difficulties. We attempt to study such interplay in a controllable way for Anderson-Holstein impurity model, which can be used in understanding lattice systems in the context of DMFT.
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