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* TITLE Kondo effect in magnetic tunnel junctions (experiment)
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Tae-Suk Kim Seoul National University
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* DATE / TIME 2004-09-24, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
* PLACE APCTP Seoul Branch Office (과총회관 신관 11층 3호)
Tunneling magnetoresistance was found to quench with decreasing temperature for magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) oxidized under high plasma power. A strong temperature dependence of the junction resistance was also observed, along with zero-bias anomalies of dynamic resistance at low temperatures. Resistance vs. temperature for the over-oxidized MTJs shows a logarithmic dependence, and different oxidation times exhibit a scaling behavior. Our experimental data can be explained in a consistent way by the Kondo effect in the MTJs. Using two additional experiments (XPS and oxidation of CoFe surface) we further support our interpretation of the transport data in MTJs in terms of the Kondo effect.
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