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    Postdoctoral Fellow in "Observational Cosmology" the Junior …

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     Required Documents

     a curriculum vitae; a research plan; a publication list; 2 letters of reference



    Postdoctoral Fellow in "Observational Cosmology"

    the Junior Research Group (JRG)




    The Junior Research Group (JRG) “Observational Cosmology” of the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea invites applications for two postdoctoral fellow positions. The positions are nominally available from January 2023, but the starting date of the appointments are negotiable.  


    APCTP, founded in 1996, is an international organization dedicated to excellence in research and the training of young scientists in the Asia-Pacific region. APCTP offers a diverse research environment with strong connections to a number of active cosmology centers within Korea. APCTP has broad international agreements with many leading institutions around the globe for scientific exchanges. 



    The "Observational Cosmology" group has broad interests in theoretical, numerical and observational cosmology. One postdoctoral fellow will study information extraction from large scale structure catalogs, and test the properties of the local matter distribution. The second fellow will conduct studies on the galaxy intrinsic alignments, which is a key systematic of upcoming weak-lensing cosmology, using observational and/or simulated data.


    Both appointments are initially for one year but renewable until March 2025.



    Candidates should submit

    1.     A curriculum vitae

    2.    Research Plan

    3.    Publication List

    4.    Two letters of reference



    A review of applications will start on September 1st and continue until the positions are filled. 




    Stephen Appleby

    Leader of Junior Research Group (JRG)


    Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics