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    Visitors Program

    방문학자 프로그램은 아·태 지역 과학자 및 세계적 수준의 석학들의 단기 및 중장기 센터방문연구를 지원하는 프로그램으로, APCTP 연구원과의 공동연구를 수행하며, 세미나 및 워크숍 등 센터 학술행사에 참가하여 공동연구역량 강화 및 국제협력네트워크를 구축하는 데 목적을 두고 있습니다. 방문학자 프로그램은 방문 예정일로부터 1~2 달 전에 APCTP 에 신청함으로써 지원·운영됩니다.

    List of Visitors
    No Name Affliation Position Period Field
    1346 Yong-Liang Ma College of Physics Jilin University Professor 2017-08-16 ~ 2017-08-30 I work on the phenomenology of elementary particle physics, especially the low energy dynamics of the strong interaction such as: Mechanism of chiral symmetry breaking Origin of mass Dense matter properties Strangeness in cold dense matter Properties of new hadrons
    1352 HyoungJoon Choi Yonsei Univ. Professor 2017-07-06 ~ 2017-07-07 Condensed Matter Physics
    1341 Kazuo Tsushima Cruzeiro do Sul university Professor 2017-07-03 ~ 2017-07-27 Nucleon and meson properties in nuclear medium based on quark degrees of freedom and/or light-light front approach: Electromagnetic form factors, Distribution amplitudes, Hadronic reactions, all in medium
    1351 Nakwoo Kim Kyung Hee University Professor 2017-06-25 ~ 2017-06-27 String theory, AdS/CFT, Supergravity, Quantum information
    1345 Peter Fulde Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Professor 2017-05-25 ~ 2017-05-28
    1295 Boris Krippa Nottingham trent university lecturer 2017-03-24 ~ 2017-04-24 I am currently involved in studies related to applications of effective field theory and functional renormalisation group to a variety of many-body systems from cold atoms to quark matter
    1272 Paul Anthony Pearce University of Melbourne Professor 2016-11-20 ~ 2016-12-20 Lattice approach to logarithmic conformal field theory based on Yang-Baxter integrability including generalised models of polymers and percolation
    1296 Hang Bae Kim Hanyang University Professor 2016-11-14 ~ 2016-11-18 Cosmology, Dark matter, Ultra-high energy cosmic rays
    1271 Sergey V. Ketov Tokyo Metropolitan University Associate Professor 2016-10-26 ~ 2016-10-28 Cosmological Inflation in Supergravity and Superstrings
    1287 Vincent Edward Sacksteder Royal Holloway University of London Postdoctoral Researcher 2016-09-11 ~ 2016-09-13 Quantum transport in disordered systems. Topological insulators. Spin transport. GW approach to ab initio electronic structure
    1285 Takuya Tsukioka Bukkyo University, Japan Associate Professor 2016-08-29 ~ 2016-09-02 QCD and related topics
    1286 Hui-Young Ryu Kyungpook National University Post Doc 2016-08-24 ~ 2016-08-27 theoretical nuclear and hadron physics
    1284 Alexander I. Titov Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Professor 2016-08-21 ~ 2016-09-11 hadron reactions and hadron structure
    1288 Xin Wan Zhejiang University Professor 2016-08-07 ~ 2016-08-13 Fractional quantum Hall effect and topological quantum computation
    1283 Sanjoy Biswas Korea Institute for Advanced Study Post-doctoral fellow 2016-07-24 ~ 2016-07-31 I am working in the field of theoretical particle physics, more specifically aspects of Higgs, Top and beyond the Standard Model Physics in the context of the Large Hadron Collider and future collider.
    1277 Paul Bellan California Institute of Technology Professor 2016-07-06 ~ 2016-07-06 Theoretical and experimental plasma physics
    1282 Jongbae Hong PCS-IBS Professor 2016-06-25 ~ 2016-06-28 Non-equilibrium phenomena in strongly correlated systems
    1275 Serge Brazovski LPTMS, CNRS, Orsay, France Professor 2016-05-29 ~ 2016-06-04
    1276 Nathalie Kirova Brazovski Université Paris-Sud Professor 2016-05-29 ~ 2016-06-04
    1231 Rajesh Narayanan Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Associate Professor 2016-04-01 ~ 2016-09-30 Disordered systems, Strongly correlated electronic systems, quantum phase transitions.