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    Title Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics 2021 (AC2MP2021)
    Place Online conference
    Registration/Participants Please register by using the registration tab of this web page ([Registration] or [등록]).
    *No registration fee (APCTP supports the conference)

    Or use the following registration Link:

    If you need to correct your information, please register one more time with the updated information.

    To submit your abstract, please find the abstract template at the bottom of this web page. Once your abstract is ready to submit, please save it as ‘AC2MP2021_abstract_yourName.docx’ and email to ac2mp2021@gmail.com by Oct 4, 2021.
    Date 2021-12-01~2021-12-03 (Registerable Date : ~ 2021-11-30)
    Program AAPPS Division Activities
    Organizer S. M. Yusuf (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre)
    K.-Y. Choi (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
    Y.-P. Chiu (National Taiwan Univ)
    L. Lu (The Institute of Physics, CAS)
    V. Nanal (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
    T. Sakai (Univ. of Hyogo)
    F.-C. Chuang (National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.)
    H.-H. Wen (Nanjing Univ)
    H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.)
    J.-G. Park (Seoul National Univ.)
    Introduction Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics 2021 (Dec. 1-3, 2021) and Asia-Pacific Condensed Matter Physics Week

    It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics Conference 2021 (AC2MP2021) and the Asia-Pacific Condensed Matter Physics Week (ACMP WEEK), which will be organized by the Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP) founded on January 1st, 2021 by members from five associations of physics working in the Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS). The DCMP aims at the systematic and continuous exchanges to further develop condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region. The condensed matter physics is one of the major parts of physics that covers a wide range of disciplines. It is constantly developing with strong interactions with various scientific areas and contributes to the expansion of human knowledge and the developments of society.

    The AC2MP2021 is the international conference to summarize the current status and future prospects in condensed matter physics and the related communities. It is also the first annual meeting of the DCMP, where the summary of the activities will be reported for the expansion of the international collaborations. The format of the conference will be online, possibly with a few local venues.

    The APCMP WEEK will be organized between November and December, in which various activities of condensed matter physics will be involved, such as a workshop, seminar, discussion meeting, public event, etc., including local activities in each association of AAPPS.

    The DCMP wishes that AC2MP2021 and APCMP WEEK will activate the international exchange and the collaborations in the condensed matter physics. On behalf of the organizers, I am pleased to invite you to join these activities.

    The Chairperson of DCMP
    Prof. Je-Geun Park
    Seoul National University
    Specialty of Conference 1. Tutorial lectures on current topics
    2. Keynote talks by the leading scientists
    3. Session dedicated for young invited speakers
    4. Combination of short oral talks and interactive discussions
    5. Free participation fee
    Topics of Conference A: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Superconductivity, Quantum Materials
    B: Topological Materials and Physics, 2D Materials, Semiconductors
    C: Spintronics, Device Physics, Functional Materials
    D: Magnetic and Ferroelectric Materials
    E: X-ray and Neutron, Muon for Condensed Matter Physics
    F: Extreme condition, High Pressure Physics, High Magnetic Fields, Ultra-low temperature
    G: Optical Physics, Laser Spectroscopy
    H: Molecular Materials, Soft-matter, Complex System, Biomaterial
    I: Quantum Information
    J: Computational and Theoretical Physics
    Organizer The division of condensed matter physics in AAPPS
    Important Dates August 30, 1st circular out
    September 10th, Website open for presentation submission
    October 16th, Submission of presentation closed (Extended)
    October 30th, Speaker Decisions
    October 30th, Submission of Poster presentation closed
    November 8th, Final program
    Program Committee H. Nojiri (Tohoku Univ.)
    D. Feng (Univ. of Science and Technology of China)
    A. V. Gopal (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
    Y. J. Kao (National Taiwan Univ.)
    T.-H. Kim (POSTECH)
    C.-W. Luo (National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung Univ.)
    Y. Matsuda (Univ. Tokyo)
    S. Narasimhan (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research)
    C.-H. Yang (KAIST)
    S. Zhou (Tsinghua University)
    Local Organizing Committee Secretary: K.-Y. Choi (Sungkyunkwan Univ.), E-mail: ac2mp2021@gmail.com
    Web site: T.-H. Kim (POSTECH)
    Online conference: C.-H. Yang (KAIST)
    Banner Feel free to use the conference banner for distribution.
    Abstract template Please use this abstract template when you submit your abstract.
    Once your abstract is ready to submit, please save it as ‘AC2MP2021_abstract_yourName.docx’ and email to ac2mp2021@gmail.com.

    For oral presentation, please email by Oct 16, 2021.
    For poster presentation, please email by Oct 30, 2021.
    Abstract template - File #1 AC2MP2021_abstract_template.docx
    2nd Circular Please find more details in the 2nd Circular below.
    2nd Circular - File #1 SecondCircularAC2MP2021V1.pdf
    Tutorials Manish Jain: "GW Calculations"
    Eun-Guk Moon: "Quantum spin liquid"
    Masao Ogata: "Dirac electrons in solids"
    Keynotes Xiangang Wan: "Dictionary of topological materials, computational physics"
    Arindam Ghosh: "Thermoelectricity of correlation states in twisted bilayer graphene"
    Hiroaki Kusunose: "Cross-correlated phenomena viewed from electronic multipoles"
    Yuanbo Zhang: "2D magnetic, topological and superconducting materials"
    Hyeonsik Cheong: "Optical Spectroscopy of Antiferromagnetic 2-Dimensional van der Waals Materials"
    Li-Chyong Chen: "Atomically-designed and surface probing of selective two-dimensional nanomaterials as photo-catalysts for CO2 reduction to solar fuels"
    Umesh Waghmare: "Ferroelectricity at Ultimately Small Length Scales"
    Guang-Yu Guo: "Bulk photovoltaic effect in 2D semiconductors and 3D topological semimetals"
    Hyunwoo Lee: "Orbital Hall effect and orbital dynamics"
    Ryo Shimano: "Ultrafast control of symmetry broken states in solids by terahertz pulse"
    Invited Speakers Bohm Jung Yang: "Topology of acoustic phonons and anomalous thermal responses"
    Tse-Ming Chen: "Strain engineering of 2D materials"
    Keun Su Kim: "Pseudogap in a crystalline insulator doped by disordered metals"
    Rie Umetsu: "Electronic structures of Heusler alloys as functional magnetic material"
    Huiqian Luo: "Neutron study of CMP"
    Aditi Sen De: "Quantum Thermal Machines"
    Yueh-Nan Chen: "Benchmarking quantum state transfer in the cloud"
    Suvankar Chakraverty: "Unique Magnetotransport in KTaO3 based conducting devices"
    Sungjae Cho: "Low-voltage transistors and diodes; Extending the road beyond CMOS"
    Pabitra Naik: "Organic Semiconductors
    Takeshi Kondo Observation of small Fermi pockets in high-Tc cuprates"
    Ming-Wen Chu: "Seeing Charge Density Waves at the Atomic Scale by Cryogenic Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy"
    Yanwu Xie: "Oxide device and interface, interfacial superconductivity"
    Wentao Zhang: "Ultrafast laser ARPES on CDW etc."
    Hideaki Sakai: "Spin-valley coupling and quantum transport phenomena in polar magnetic Dirac materials"
    Invited Speakers for Session dedicated for Young Researchers Sudipta Dubey: "2D Materials"
    Jieun Lee: "Optical imaging of spin orientations in 2D materials"
    Sutapa Roy: "Light-activated Janus colloids suspended in a solvent"
    Chia-Lung Hsieh: "Nanoscale organization and dynamics of biological membranes revealed by high-speed interferometric scattering microscopy"
    Toshihiro Nomura: "Quest for a magnetic-field-induced liquid-liquid transition of oxygen by ultrasound measurements in mega-gauss region"
    Xi Lin: "Ultra low temperature and high magnetic field study"
    Minsoo Kim: "Electron quantum transport in twisted multi-layers of graphene"
    Ming-Hao Liu: "Quantum Electronic Transport in Graphene Superlattice Systems"
    Jong Mok Ok: "Correlated Oxide Dirac Semimetal in the Extreme Quantum Limit"
    Vidya Praveen Bhallamudi: "NV Centers in Nanodiamonds"
    Wanjun Jiang: "Skyrmion"
    Rina Takagi: "Square and rhombic lattice of magnetic skyrmions in a centrosymmetric itinerant magnet"
    Ssu-Yen Huang: "Manipulation of pure spin current in 3D magnets"
    Tao Wu: "NMR studies on various superconductors and CDW systems"
    Nayuta Takemori: "Theoretical investigation on superconducting quasicrystals"