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    Black Holes, Quantum Gravity and String Theory

    Group Introduction

    Black hole is a theoretical testing ground for understanding quantum gravity. The fact discovered by J.Bekenstein and S. Hawking that black holes are thermodynamic objects having temperature, entropy, and emitting thermal radiation provides us a strong guide for studying the black holes and their microscopic quantum structure. 

    Our group aims at studying the quantum nature of thermodynamics of the black holes arising in string theory. We analyze the problems from both macroscopic and microscopic directions, which are respectively via supergravities and corresponding dual supersymmetric gauge theories given by AdS/CFT correspondence. We develop ways of treating quantum aspects of back hole entropy. Some of the approaches allow us to exactly capture the quantum effects on black hole entropy in a systematic way, by which we provide precise tests for string theory as a candidate for a theory of quantum gravity. We further study various thermodynamic properties of black holes or extended objects in different ensembles. 



    • Professor Imtak Jeon graduated from Sogang University in 2008, and gained M.S. in 2008 and Ph.D. in 2012 under supervision of Professor Bum-Hoon Lee and Professor Jeong-Hyuck Park respectively. He subsequently held a research position at KIAS in Seoul, Harish-Chandra Research Institute in India, and King’s College London. In 2020, he moved to APCTP as a JRG(Junior Research Group) leader to lead a research team working on a project involving black holes in string theory and supergravity.

      His recent research interest mainly lies in:
      - Quantum aspect of black hole thermodynamics
      - Exact result in supersymmetric field theory and supergravity

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    Major Publications

    • Logarithmic corrections to the entropy of rotating black holes and black strings in AdS5