• SAG

    SAG - Senior Advisory Group

    Name Prof. Yongmin CHO
    Affiliation Seoul National University & Korea Air Force Academy – 2021-05-31 ~ 2026-03-31
    Research Interest Condensed Matter Particle Physics
    Career 1987 Assistant Prof., POSTECH Physics
    1980 Guest Scholar, Kyoto University
    1989 Associate Prof., Inje University
    1999 Prof. of Computer Simulation, Inje University
    2005 Senior Research Associate, University of Oregon
    2013 Dean, Computer Simulation, Inje University
    1982 Professor, Seoul National University
    1983 Guest Scientist, Stanford University
    1987 Senior Associate, International Center for Theoretical Physics
    1996 Executive Director, APCTP
    2009 Chair Professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
    2013 University Chair Professor, Konkuk University