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    Focused research on the origin and evolution of the Universe



    The topic of our program is focused on the cosmological aspects of the origin and evolution of the Universe. Those include inflation, cosmic microwave background, large-scale structure formation, dark matter, dark energy, and gravitational wave in the early Universe. During this focused week, we invite the relevant researchers in Korea and have in-depth discussions on their recent studies and make new collaborations. We encourage anyone who has interest in our program join the meeting.


    Workshop venue:  main seminar room of APCTP at Pohang


    Invited speakers:

    Kyungjin Ahn (Chosun University): A new way to probe the global 21-cm background

    Wuhyun Sohn (KASI): Constraining early universe physics with the CMB

    Donghui Jeong (KIAS, PSU): Cosmic Structures with dissipative dark matter

    Pankaj Saha (Seoul National University of Science and Technology): Detectable Gravitational Waves from Preheating and Particle Physics Phenomenology

    Rinku Maji (Jeonbuk National University): Grand Unified Theories: Monopoles, Inflation, Strings and Gravitational Waves

    Satyabrata Mahapatra (SKKU): Possible realisations of self interacting dark matter in connection to neutrino mass and leptogenesis

    Maria Mylova (Ewha Womans University): The Effective Field Theory of Cuscuton

    Gansukh Tumurtusha (Jeju National University): TBA

    Wanil Park (Jeonbuk National University): TBA

    Organized by:

    Kyungjin Ahn (Chosun University)

    Ki-Young Choi (Sungkyunkwan University)

    Jinn-Ouk Gong (Ewha Womans University)

    Seoktae Koh (Jeju National University)

    Seokcheon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)

    Changyeong Park (Jeonuk National University)

    Wanil Park (Jeonuk National University)

    Contact: Ki-Young Choi (ckysky@gmail.com)