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    Title Machine learning on Condensed matter physics and material science (2차)
    Place 강원대학교 춘천캠퍼스 자연과학관
    Date 2023-11-17~ 2023-11-17 (Registerable Date : ~ 2023-11-16)
    Program Category 3
    Organizer Hunpyo Lee ( Kangwon National University at Samcheok)
    Heungsik Kim ( Kangwon National University)
    In-Ho Lee ( KRISS)
    Machine learning and data-driven sciences and their applications to various fields of science and engineering, including condensed matter and materials physics, has been intensively studied recently. This TRP program aims to organize an informal-style gathering of condensed matter, materials physics and (quantum) machine learning researchers who independently have studied this emerging field of science, and to activate communication and collaboration between domestic and international researchers. Tentative subjects to be addressed are as follows;

    - Data driven discovery and inverse materials design.
    - Deep learning applications in physics and materials science.
    - Machine learning-accelerated numerical algorithms.
    - Quantum machine learning.

    Prof. MyungJoon Han (KAIST)
    Prof. Hongkee Yoon (Kangwon National University)
    Prof. Yung-Kyun Noh (Hanyang University / KIAS)

    2023/11/17 (Fri.)
    11:30 ~ 12:00: Registration and greetings
    12:00 ~ 14:00: Prof. Yung-Kyun Noh, "Constructing Novel Nonparametric Estimators for Information-theoretic Measures and Its Applications to Machine Learning”
    14:00 ~ 16:00: Prof. MyungJoon Han, "Toward the better first-principles description of correlated materials: Application of modern machine learning techniques”
    16:00 ~ 18:00: Prof. Hongkee Yoon, “Machine learning and materials science”
    18:00 - : Dinner