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    Title APCTP-KIAS Focused research on The origin and evolution of the Universe 2024
    Place APCTP 포항 본부
    Registration/Participants Workshop venue: main seminar room(512) of APCTP at Pohang.
    The program starts after lunch on 17th June (Mon) and ends after lunch on 21th June (Fri).
    Date 2024-06-17~ 2024-06-21 (Registerable Date : ~ 2024-05-30)
    Program Category 2
    Organizer Seokcheon Lee ( SKKU)
    Wanil Park ( Jeonbuk National University)
    Changyeong Park ( Jeonbuk National University)
    Kyungjin Ahn ( Chosun University)
    Seoktae Koh ( Jeju National University)
    Jinn-Ouk Gong ( Ewha Womans University)
    Ki-Young Choi ( SKKU)