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    Dualities in String/M-theory and Quantum Gravity

    Group Introduction

    String/M-theory is a strong candidate for quantum gravity and provides a theoretical framework for unifying various interactions in nature. In this research group, we study the structure of classical and quantum gravity via various fascinating ideas in string/M-theory, especially dualities, and exploit them to various interesting problems. It encompasses scattering amplitudes, black hole physics, gauge/gravity duality, double copy, and the mathematical structure of stringy geometry.  


    • Professor Kanghoon Lee obtained his B.S in 2004 and PhD in 2010 from Yonsei University. Before joining APCTP, he worked at CQUeST at Sogang University, Imperial College London, KIAS and IBS.

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    Major Publications

    • The off-shell recursion for gravity and the classical double copy for currents

    • The classical double copy for M-theory from a Kerr-Schild ansatz for exceptional field theory

    • The classical double copy for half-maximal supergravities and T-duality

    • Emergent dual holographic description as a nonperturbative generalization of the Wilsonian renormalization group

    • Quantum off-shell recursion relation