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    Physics beyond the Standard Model and its Phenomenology

    Group Introduction

    We focus on model buildings of neutrino(quark) physics, dark matter candidates, and their related phenomenologies such as lepton flavor violations(LFVs), muon anomalous magnetic moment(muon g-2), Z boson decays, and collider physics that can be tested by Large Hadron Collider. Through the model buildings, we try to construct all the phenomenologies can be explained by as a minimal way as possible.  


    • Professor Hiroshi Okada has been a JRG leader at APCTP since June 2018. He gained his B.A. from Kumamoto University in 2002, and received his Ph.D. from Kanazawa University in 2007. After working as a postdoctoral fellow at CTP, Egypt and KIAS, Korea, he became an assistant professor in NCTS in Taiwan in 2015. Then, he moved to his current position. Prof. Okada was honored with the KIAS Award in 2015.

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