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    • My primary research interest is in non-equilibrium quantum many-body systems and understanding the associated exotic phases of matter. I am pursuing this goal along a number of different lines, including transport processes in ultra-cold atomic gases, dissipative open quantum systems and the dynamics of quantum magnets. In general, I employ a combination of analytical and numerical tools, and my work is often motivated by real experiments. Recently, I have been considering the effect of interactions in open quantum systems with non-reciprocal dynamics that display a diverging relaxation timescale via the so-called “Louivillian skin effect”. Going forward, I propose to investigate this from the perspective of universality and critical phenomena. I have also been analyzing the relaxation dynamics of multimode Bose-Einstein condensates with a view toward atomtronics, an analogue of electronics for neutral atoms. Understanding the dynamics of ultra-cold atoms and developing atomtronic devices remains an ongoing research endeavor.

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        Condensed Matter Physics