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    International Workshop on Recent Progress in Superconductivity





    August 09

    August 10

    August 11

    09:00 - 10:30


    High Pressure

    Chair: Seung Ryong Park

    Eva Zurek (online)

    Katsuya Shimizu (online)

    Heejung Kim (online)

    Correlated SC 2

    Chair: Jeehoon Kim

    Takasada Shibauchi (online)

    Jungseek Hwang

    Chang-Jong Kang

    10:30 - 11:00

    Coffee break 

    Coffee break 

    11:00 - 12:00

    Topological SC 2

    Chair: Yong-Joo Doh

    Jungyeong Ahn (online)

    Sunghun Kim

    Yeong Kwan Kim

    Plenary 2 

    12:00 - 12:30



    12:30 - 13:00



    13:00 - 13:10


    13:10 - 14:00

    Plenary 1 

    14:00 - 14:15

    Coffee break 

    14:15 - 15:45

    Cu/Fe/Ni-based SC 

    Chair: Jaeyong Kim

    Ryotaro Arita (online)

    Hoyoung Jang

    Dongjin Oh

    Correlated SC 1

    Chair: Kyungwan Kim

    Kazushi Kanoda (online)

    Soon-Gil Jung

    Honwon Kim

    15:45 - 16:00

    Coffee break 

    Coffee break 

    16:00 - 17:30

     Topological SC 1

    Chair: Soon Jae Moon

    Chang-woo Cho (online)

    Sunghun Park (online)

    Junho Suh

    Chair: Sooran Kim

    Poster Session 
    & Free Discussion

    18:00 - 20:00




    (13:10~14:00, August 09, 2022)

    Myung-Ho Bae (KRISS, Korea)

    SI units based on nature constants

    (11:00~11:50, August 11, 2022)
    Sangjin Lee (Seoul national University, Korea)

    과기부 고온초전도마그넷기술개발사업 추진현황

    Session  I :  Cu/Fe/Ni-based Superconductivity  

    (14:15~15:45, August 09, 2022 // Chair : Jaeyong Kim (Hanyang Univ.))

    Ryotaro Arita (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    First-principles study on superconductivity in d9 correlated electron systems 

    Hoyoung Jang (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Korea)

    X-ray scattering studies of charge order in cuprate superconductors: moving steps further

    Dongjin Oh (IBS-CCES, Korea)

    B1g-Phonon Anomaly Driven by Fermi Surface Instability at Intermediate Temperature in YBa2Cu3O7-δ

    Session  II :  Topological Superconductivity 1 

    (16:00~17:30, August 09, 2022 // Chair : Soon Jae Moon (Hanyang Univ.))

    Chang-woo Cho (Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory (LNCMI), France)

    Nodal and nematic superconducting phases in NbSe2 monolayers from competing superconducting channels

    Sunghun Park (AUM, Madrid, Spain)

    Spin-orbit splitting of Andreev states in a nanowire Josephson junction 

    Junho Suh (KRISS, Korea)

    A nanomechanical probe for Majorana zero modes 

    Session  III :  Sperconductivity at High Pressures 

    (09:00~10:30, August 10, 2022 // Chair : Seung Ryong PArk (Incheon National Univ.) )

    Eva Zurek (SUNY Buffalo, USA)

    Theoretical Discovery of Superconducting Hydrides

    Katsuya Shimizu (Osaka Univesity, Japan)

    Synthesis Pathway of Superconductive Hydride

    Heejung Kim (Max Planck POSTECH/Korea Research Initiative, Korea)

    Unusual pressure-induced quantum phase transition from superconducting to charge-density wave state in LuPd2In

    Session  IV :  Topological Superconductivity 2 

    (11:00~12:30, August 10, 2022 // Yong-Joo Doh (GIST))

    Junyeong Ahn (Harvard University, USA)

    Optical transitions in clean superconductors

    Sunghun Kim (KAIST, Korea)

    Strain-driven topological phase transition in a quasi-one-dimensional superconductor

    Yongkwan Kim (KAIST, Korea)

    Coupling between electrons and charge density wave fluctuation and its role on superconductivity 

    Session  V :  Strong Correlation and Superconductivity 1 

    (14:15~15:45, August 10, 2022 // Kyungwan Kim (Chungbuk National Univ.))

    Kazushi Kanoda  (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Superconductivity in a doped spin-liquid candidate

    Soon-Gil Jung (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

    Self-healing high-entropy alloy superconductors

    Howon Kim (University of Hamburg, Germany)

    Anisotropic non-split zero-energy vortex bound states in conventional superconducting thin films 

    Session  VI :  Strong Correlation and Superconductivity 2  

    (09:00~10:30, August 11, 2022 // Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH))

    Takasada Shibauchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Nematic quantum critical points and unconventional superconducting states in iron chalcogenides

    Jungseek Hwang (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

    Electronic properties of f electrons near Fermi level via a comparative optical study of CeCoIn5 and LaCoIn5 

    Chang-Jong Kang (Chungnam National University, Korea)

    Hidden Hund’s Physics in the Infinite-Layer Nickelate Superconductors